Wednesday, August 17, 2016 and Closing Shop

Hello Gymbugs & Makeup Lovers,

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog or my youtube channel gymba24. I have a little toddler at home and a full time job which occupy most of my time. I hope to one day be back at my blogging.

I am a frequent shopper of and, more so to Both sites were able to lure me into making purchases by having the sample bags gifts with purchases (If you have seen my hauls on youtube you know... they got me A LOT!)

A few weeks ago I started receiving notices that and dollars need to be used by September because they are ending the program.

Personally I did not find that program to be the most beneficial. I noticed the months we were eligible to use our dollars most of the sales were not good so I would usually let them expire.  However, I do have online store credit and plan to use it before September just in case I can't redeem the money later!

I am sad to see go because it was fun getting their gift with purchases on green and natural products, their Mommy and Baby section and their health and beauty. I will most definitely miss those bundles. However, most of the time I made unnecessary purchases so my wallet is probably going to be happier that they will not be another tempting source to spend money.

As for I used to make purchases from them about 5 years ago but I find that their deals became less competitive to (whom finds a way to take a lot of my money as I am now a platinum member)