Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My First Experience with Yanwen Economic Air Mail

I thought I would write a post about my experience with Yanwen Economic Air Mail. I am new to Aliexpress but one thing I've learned is that for shipping to the US it is best to go with orders that say shipping via epackets because once they arrive in the US I can track those packages on the USPS app or website. I just started using Aliexpress at the end of August 2016 and have made 16 purchases.

Here is the breakdown of the shipping method
13 epackets
2 Aliexpress Standard Shipping
1 Yanwen Economic Air Mail

So far I have received 8 of the packages all of which were epackets with an average of 15 days from order to doorstep. I am a tad skeptical of the packages shipped via Aliexpress Standard Shipping and Yanwen since the tracking information doesn't seem to update much and the lag time is getting up there. Take for example the screen shot below, that product was ordered 8/25/2016. It seems to be stuck at a status of "Outbound clearance completed successfully and loaded to airline" since 8/30/2016. Maybe I am just more accustomed to seeing the tracking provided by USPS and regular updates and being too hopeful for the other 2 methods. I hope all will go well with this order and I will update you.

Personally going forward even when a seller has better than average great reviews, I will less likely use them since I am a micro manager when it comes to knowing where my purchases are in shipping status. I am hopeful that these methods are legit and that I just am far too impatient. Please note that I fully accept that I am overly critical when it comes to waiting for goods and that I have not yet opened a dispute with the sellers as they are still within their promised delivery time of 20- 38 days. I have been spoiled and accustomed to the sellers that got their products to me in 14 days.

UPDATE: I received my product from this seller that was shipped this method in 19 days from order to doorstep.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wet N Wild and KIKO Milano Haul

Hello Gymbugs,

I finally had time to sit down and film a Haul! It has been since March of this year that I last updated. I have missed creating content for YouTube so much. I hope I will be able to get back into it this year. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Too Faced Sale Update

So I couldn't resist checking out what the Too Faced sale had to offer. I clicked the email link again and this time I only had to wait 4 minutes. I took screenshots of the sale for those who did not want to wait but I was not impressed with the deals. I've seen better prices on their one website. Also you will notice there are a handful of sold out products. What do you think?

Too Faced Can't Resist A Juicy Sale Up to 70% Off

I received an email from Too Faced regarding this sale and decided to click, it says there are 18,492 people in line in front of me and 25 minutes left to wait. Excuse me? I feel like it has been 20 minutes and for fun I left the window open, there are now 6,922 people in front of me and 21 minutes left. Excuse me? Is this Ticketmaster? I am not waiting in a virtual line for discounted makeup. Everyone knows you can find discounted Too Faced at Nordstrom Rack and HSN frequently. I just thought this was funny and wanted to share my thoughts.