Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Muller corner dark chocolate & cherry | frut up luscious lemon

Thank you to influenster for sending me a coupon for a free muller yogurt for testing purposes in their Go Vox Box. With all the choices at my local Scripps Ranch Vons I decided to pick up the flavor dark chocolate & cherry as my free pick. Luckily for me these were on sale for $1 each. With so many tempting choices and a sale going on,  I paid with my own money to pick up the muller fruit up cup in luscious lemon. 

I ate the dark chocolate & cherry as my dessert after lunch at work. The yogurt was a creamy vanilla with perfectly distributed flakes of chocolate. The chocolate reminded me of the texture of chocolate in a typical mint chocolate. The corner of cherry was a little too sweet for my taste but the great thing about this packaging is you can control how much you can add. I would love to see muller offer just the yogurt side in a single cup.

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