Thursday, September 25, 2014

Survivor Season 29 First Impressions

Survivor San Juan Del Sur Season Premiere: Blood VS Water

If you’re a gymba24 follower you will already know that I post randomness of what I love. I have been a regular survivor fan since Season 1 with Susan’s infamous snake/rat speech. I always enjoy other’s take on survivor episodes of seasons past so I thought why not start a weekly blog on my take.
The season opener started out with an all new cast. Thank you CBS for giving us fresh faces and doing a rather efficient job introducing each cast member. I’m not going to hash through and every member but I will give you my first impression of who stood out to me and why.

Jeremy Collins: Perhaps a wolf in sheep’s clothing? He appears to be very likeable and I was moved by the emotions he expressed having to send his wife to Exile Island. Jeremy is playing smart by recognizing the credibility he gained by allowing the soft side of him to show. It appears he has made the majority of his tribe feel comfortable with him as an ally.

Wes Nale: Likeable to the viewers but perhaps in danger. Having been sent to Exile Island first in the game may have limited his bonding time with the tribe, luckily for him their tribe escaped Tribal Counsel. Sadly, I get the feeling he values the bond between firemen more than Jeremy does.

John Rocker: Tower of douche baggery. I hope this guy changes my first impression of him.

Val Collins: A firecracker, her strong personality it might not carry her far. I’m pretty sure she did not find the idol and I am pretty sure I know who has it.

Dale Wentworth: Strategic but naïve. How can he not think that necklace he found by the well is NOT an idol? He values his ability to start fire more than the rest of his tribe. He seems safe so long as the male alliance that has formed continues but he should not rest on that laurel. At this point I see him as a voting number and pawn or a weakness and thrown out early. Early prediction from me is he will not be winning.

Josh Canfield: A people person. Everyone seems to trust and be drawn to him. He must have a trusting air about him which is a good quality to have in a social game. Kudos to him for not reacting to Nadiya’s rude assumptions about him.

I’m happy to see Survivor remove the dual, when you’re gone… you’re gone. I would like to see the return of an idol with special powers (you can play it after the vote is read). Looking forward to a new season with my favorite host in reality TV Jeff Probst. Hope you all enjoyed my recap and thoughts on the first episode of Survivor Season 29.

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