Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Project 10 Pan 2014

Last year I had a monthly makeup basket to help me rotate through my makeup collection and use different things rather than always go back to my old comforts. This year I have decided to do my own version of the Project 10 Pan. I will most likely be updating this blog post every time I do an updated video with my progress.

Different from traditional Project 10 Pans, I will not be on a no buy because I have come to realize as a beauty blogger you can't really stop trying new things. Plus, I just love makeup and I do not want to stop buying makeup! I will be referring to the Project 10 Pan as P10 going forward so as to not have to type the whole thing out.

January Update
In January I did a good job using the foundations. I opened and started using a tinted moisturizer which was not from my P10. I also came to a new revelation about my blush. Watch my video and see how I did this month!

Project 10 Pan the Beginning
Get a small glimpse of my massive makeup collection in my Project 10 Pan video.
Also check out which products I selected in my Project 10 Pan:

4 Mascaras
10 Foundations
10 Lip products
7 Blushes
2 Face Powders
3 Eye Products, 1 of which consists of 12 pencils
1 Powder Concealer.

Precursor to Project 10 Pan
After watching Christine of pinksofoxy do many purges I was inspired to go through my collection and clean out things that are old or that I know that I just wouldn't use because I know I don't like them. See how I did cleaning out old things.

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