Friday, May 25, 2012 Friends & Family Haul

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray 8 oz $39 :-
I've been wanting to try Skindinavia makeup spray for a while now! I've tried Evian and MAC's Fix+ which I like for refreshing my face but I've heard that those are not true setting spray from youtubers. Therefore I decided to try this out. I had a really hard time deciding between Urban Decay's setting sprays VS skindinavia but the push to go towards Skindinavia came when it seemed like the reviews for it were a tad bit more positive. Also, Skindinavia make UD's setting sprays so since they're the manufacturers I figure that must know sprays better. I also had a hard time deciding on which spray to try, I was torn between the Makeup Finishing Spray, Bridal and the 10 years younger. I ultimately went with the Makeup Finishing Spray.

Dr. Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha 30 step 1 and step 2 $85.:-
So I first came across these pads when I got 5 sets of this with my purchase of my Clarionic system. I tried it out and it seems to make my skin softer and brighter. I only tried using this at night and I noticed the my normally combination skin was a tad bit more oily the next more and I would not use a moisturizer after using this either. I was hoping it would take away the little bumps I started getting at the base of my nose but the samples were probably not enough of a routine to give a definitive result so I decided to buy a whole box of them.

LORAC Behind the scenes eye primer 0.53 oz $21:-
I've been using a tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance which many people swear by. I agree in the staying power this product gives your eye shadow and eyeliner. However, I started noticing that when I remove this at night my eye lids feel like they are stinging a bit. So again I tried to do some research and apparently LORAC makes an eye primer with mostly the same ingredients as Too Faced minus Bismuth Oxychloride which after further research is a product that causes makeup adhere to it but is also an irritant for some people. So I hope this works out. I think I'll continue to use the Too Faced Shadow insurance on my brows.

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