Friday, May 25, 2012

Mario Badescu Skincare Haul

This is the first year that I started noticing small white bumps on my face around my nose. So after researching on the internet and seeing a few videos I've come to the conclusion that I have oil seeds also known as milia. One of the products I came across that supposedly aids in the removal of these was Silver Powder from Mario Badescu. The push that made me decide to give this line a go was my sister in law saying it was the only stuff that healed her skin after having a baby. I may have to write a review if this stuff really works.

I checked out this product in person at Ulta but ultimately bought it online from with free shipping and a 10% off coupon that I found from Together with my mother we bought $192 of product. The shipping took 5 business days which is pretty standard. My only complaint is the package included the wrong 3 samples -so that irks me a bit.

Pictured below are only the products I bought.  I did not want to include my mother's purchases because I won't be able to use or comment on them.

Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs And Rosewater 8oz $12
Silver Powder 1oz $12
Glycolic Acid Toner 32oz $56

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