Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Clinique B. B. Cream

I started hearing about BB Cream from Jen frmheadtotoe on youtube. I believe she was showing one in a pink pump. I've done some research and everything I post is just what I've heard and am in no way claiming anything to be factual.  For all I know these could be Urban Legends. From my understanding, the story behind BB creams  also known as "Blemish Balms" and "Beauty Balms" originating from Korea for people recovering from surgery who should not be applying too many products to their face. They are supposed to be an efficient way to apply a product to your face with out having to layer on too many different products. They are supposed to have more than one active ingredient and serve multiple purposes for example maybe a serum, sunscreen and your foundation in one.

So I started getting curious about it. My daily foundation was routine was starting to feel a bit cakey for this time of year so I thought why not give BB creams a try.

I went to several shops: CVS, Sephora, Macy's and Nordstrom and picked up the following samples of full size. Here are my thoughts on my currently NC 35 combination skin.

The Garnier one I immediately did not like it. I used medium and felt like I looked like I had a spray on tan. I had the orange-y feel. However, I did feel like this could work for olive skin toned people.

Estee Lauder, didn't do much for me. I felt was too drying on my combination skin face.

Boscia, I initially did not care of this product. I felt like it didn't give my much coverage too many large glitter specks and also gave me a slight gray tone. After about a week using the premium sample I received during the VIB event I actually grew to like this product. I feel like the gray tone I would notice after sitting on my skin would change to match my tone. I used a finishing powder to take away the shine but I also liked how I would have a dewy finish.

Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45 PA+++ also a gray tone initially a gray tone but nothing a finishing powder can't fix. I liked that it had an SPF of 45. I would use this one again but maybe I would go to Boscia before this one.

Clinque, this felt to me much like a tinted moisturizers. My mother also tried many of these samples over a month period and ended up buying the full size of this and wanting the Dr. Jart as well.

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