Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lori Greiner 2 pc Cosmetic Bags

My makeup bags have finally arrived! I do quite a bit of traveling and I've been wanting a new makeup bag for a while now. I first saw this bag featured on YouTube guru emilynoel83's channel. The thing I loved so much about this system was the different pages with velcro and zippered pockets to put various pieces of one's travel beauty products! I was so excited after watching the video I went straight to QVC to order myself one. But then I read a bunch of mixed and negative reviews. So I held off on the purchase. Then I caught on YouTube shadesofkassie's channel her video featuring the same bag. I then left a comment asking her how her bag held up. She replied saying her bags held up and worked for her trip. I immediately went to QVC to buy it! A big thank you to my husband as he actually ended up buying it for me.

If you want to see my first impression of this bag I filmed a video called My first impression: 2 Quilted Cosmetic Cases by Lori Greiner:-

First video I saw by emilynoel83:-
Second video by shadesofkassie:-

Though having to pay shipping bugged me, the bag in my opinion was not overly cheap. I mean, hello it's not a Marc Jacobs bag so of course I didn't expect the quality to be to that level. Overall, it only cost a bit less then $40 so I can't complain.

Small bag
Large bag open.

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