Sunday, June 3, 2012

Philosophy & Revlon Mini Haul

So I just watched emilynoel83's youtube video published June 2nd about what is new at the drugstore.

Her post linked:- What's New at the Drugstore -Makeup haul!

And she mentioned a few Philosophy cosmetic products that she picked up for only $3 at her Big Lots. I always think of bath of skincare products when i think of Philosophy as a brand so I was a bit surprised to even hear about them having makeup. I decided to research and it seems as thought Big Lots did have sell Philosophy stuff at the beginning of May. I feel like many makeup bloggers were on top of that and grabbed a bunch of stuff at the beginning. Being a month ago I was pretty certain it would all be gone. I was too busy vacationing with family to be entirely up to date on make up deals. I called 2 nearby Big Lots (live in San Diego) and found that one claimed to have a little bit left. So in the same day I saw Emily's video, I went out to seek it for myself!

There was a tiny little section of it left and unfortunately the eye shadow palette that looked so appealing on some blogs were gone =( I did however pick up the items pictured below.

Philosophy the color of grace. eyelighting shadow duo in heaven and earth.
Philosophy the color of grace. are of blushing in pink dreams.

Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Lilac.

So far I have only tried the lipstick (my first experience with a ColorBurst) and the color was ok for my NC35 skintone but it felt nice. More like a chap stick than a lipstick so I liked that aspect.

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