Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Product Spotlight: Miracle Skin Transformer

My first time coming across Sarah McNamara's Mircale Skin Transformer was from buying a deluxe sized sample that came in my 2013 Sephora Sun Safety Skin from inside JC Penny. Interestingly enough the Sephora Sun Safety kits differed between free standing Sephoras and JC Penny locations (that should be a blog post on it's own).

I quickly fell in love with my sample that came in the shade medium. This product claims to do 5 in 1 things: hydrate, prime, mattify, enhance and protect your skin. I certainly feel like this product makes my skin look more air brushed and flattering. It comes in 6 shades: translucent, light, medium, medium tan, tan and deep. The medium shade reminds me a little of Benefits POREfessional except without the strange smell that POREfessional leaves. It is also a slightly cooler tone than POREfessional.

I was looking to buy the full size from Sephora during their next friends and family discount. But luckily for me Costco carries 2 shades currently for $29.99 for a full size.

So let me break it down for you (regular retail in black, 20% in red)
From Regular Retailers
Miracle Skin Transformer 1.7 oz retails for $48 ($38.40 or $22.59/oz)
Benefits POREfessional   0.75 oz retails for $30 ($24 or $32/oz)
                                or a 1.75 oz jumbo size for $42 ($33.6 or $19.2/oz)
From Costco
Miracle Skin Transformer 1.7 oz retails for $29.99 or $17.64/oz

The best value can be found at Costco but the caveat being the limited selection.

Check out my YouTube Review!

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