Friday, December 27, 2013

My Rock Concerts

I've decided to keep a tally of my concerts. Why a post that is not beauty related? Because it's my blog and I can do what I want with it. In all seriousness, concerts are events and moments in time that we can remember and enjoy and I find myself enjoying them thanks to my husband Blaine. I can split my concert going experience by pre-Blaine and the Blaine era. Before meeting him I had only gone to 3 shows and really consider myself a concert virgin.

Yes, I have seen Bryan Adams 4 times, he was my first concert and probably why he's my favorite show. His voice is incredible live and even though I went to see the Bare Bones tour twice it was really special and memorable in San Diego at the Spreckles Theatre. The venue was intimate and we were 3rd or 4th row and I swear he was looking in our direction (okay fine, specifically my direction) and singing to me all night (You can ask Blaine). *sigh*

Duran Duran, yes I have seen them live a few times. I was most impressed the first time I saw them on their Astronaut tour. Since then I've been less impressed and a few times have made Blaine go alone to a few shows. It has been hard for me to get into their albums since Astronaut. Still, I have an appreciation and enjoy some of their songs; Rio, Planet Earth, Girls on Film, Notorious, Wild Boys, Ordinary World, Come Undone, Hungry Like the Wolf, Sunrise, Chains to name a few. Okay fine, I might be a closet fan.

Rollng Stones, I've seen them twice and Mick Jagger has incredible stage presence and I admire the energy. I aspire to be that agile my entire life. Though their music is very melodic and catchy it is not something I find myself listening to outside the shows. Another band I've been guilty of having my hubby see a few shows alone or with other friends.

Coldplay, a band who's music I never tire of listening. Blaine best describes great music as something you don't skip on your playlist. Even though they're a fun show and I've seen them 4 times, they're slightly pricey for the length they play. By the last show we saw in 2009 they already had a pretty decent catalog to play from but the show was only an hour and a half... so slightly disappointing to drive a few hours for such a short experience. Which brings me to Pearl Jam. I never grew up a fan of Pearl Jam or Eddie Vedder. I found his singing expression to come off very angry and frightening. Fast forward to my wonderful husband dragging me to their shows (I'm not being sarcastic). Because I got to experience them live I am now a fan! They have great energy, play for 3 plus hours, sound amazing, look healthy.. I could go on but my husband would ask me to stop or pretend he didn't hear me. I now have a school girl crush and we like to tease each other that in high school I never understood their appeal and as an adult I'm swooning.Their new album Lightning Bolt is a great Rock N Roll record and I highly recommend it.

People I've never seen but would love to experience would be JT (Justin Timberlake) and Beyonce.

If you're wondering, I went to see Katy Perry and Britney with girlfriends as I wouldn't dream of dragging Blaine to see them although one of these days I should for all the shows he's taken me to see.

Blaine concert going era:

November 21st 2013 - Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt tour 2013 @ Viejas (SDSU)
May 11th 2013 - Rolling Stones @ MGM Las Vegas
August 9th 2011 - Katy Perry California Dreams Tour @ San Diego Sports Arena
April 14th 2011 - Duran Duran @ Pomona Theatre

April 9th 2011 - Bryan Adams Bare Bones Tour @ LA Royce Hall
September 27th 2010 - Bryan Adams Bare Bones Tour @ San Diego Spreckles
August 21st 2010 - Summer Pops w/Jodi Benson @ San Diego Embarcadero
November 11th 2009 - Lady Gaga & Kayne @ San Diego Sports Arena <CANCELLED DUE TO KAYNE LOSING HIS MIND>
September 24th 2009 - Britney @ San Diego Sports Arena
July 18th 2009 - Coldplay @ LA Home Depot Center
November 25th 2008 - Coldplay @ Anaheim Honda Center
August 27th 2008 - Radiohead @ San Diego Cricket Wireless Amp
May 8th 2008 - Duran Duran @ Valley View Casino San Diego
June 23rd 2007 - Foo Fighters and The Police @ LA Dodgers Stadium
August 15th 2006 - Death Cab for Cutie @ San Diego Bayside Embarcadero
July 7th 2006 - Pearl Jam @ San Diego Cox Arena (SDSU)
June 27th 2006 - Radiohead @ San Diego Embarcadero
June 15th 2006 - Hall & Oates @ Del Mar Fair
Feb 4th 2006 - Coldplay @ LA Forum
Nov 11th 2005 - The Rolling Stones @ San Diego Petco Park
Nov 4th 2005 - Def Leppard/Bryan Adams @ San Diego IPAY1 Center
Oct 22nd 2005 - Queen + Paul Rodgers @ LA Hollywood Bowl
Sept 27th 2005 - Foo Fighters & Weezer @ San Diego Cox Arena
Aug 26th 2005 - Coldplay @ San Diego Coors Amp
March 30 2005 - U2 @ San Diego Sports Arena
Feb 25 2005 - Duran Duran Astronaut tour @ San Diego Sports Arena
June 6 2004 - Dashboard Confessional @ San Diego Cox Arena (SDSU)

Pre-Blaine: -

Sept 21 2003 - Dashboard Confessional @ SDSU's open-air
Jan 5 1994 - Bryan Adams @ Hong Kong Coliseum
Feb 10th 1993 - Bryan Adams @ Hong Kong Convention Centre
Feb 3rd 1993 - Chicago @ Hong Kong Convention Centre

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