Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sally Hansen Perfectly Pink Collection OR NOT

First off, I already know the quality of these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. They work good enough and the print is middle of the road, I should have a video review of them up soon on YouTube. Onto my review of the perfectly pink collection set pictured below. This is fresh off the press and has just occurred tonight.

Initial Thoughts
I thought this set was a good deal because they retail for $10 each pattern normally. Indeed 3 sets of strips would usually retail for $30 (Not over $30, might want to think about the verbiage on that next time Sally Hansen). My initial thought was Sweet Tart An is my favorite pattern and Booty Camp looks promising too but the last set of strips is really a throw away because it is just a solid pink color. Logically, one would look to buy nail strips for nail art so a solid  print is really confusing.  But I'm okay with 2 out of the 3 strips being useful because it's still worth the value.

Opening The Box
As soon as I got home I opened them.  My initial assessment of their value and my contentment with that to expect soon turned into confusion.  Why, you might ask? The first pattern I see is a black and white hound tooth. Hello Sally Hansen, the set is called perfectly pink, there is no PINK in that pattern. My thought was "oh, how nice they included an extra set." WRONG! Instead of getting the Sweet Tart-An pattern (which caught my eye), I got a hounds tooth pattern.  My second thought was, okay they must have messed up this box. WRONG! I open the second box and it has the same problem!

Be weary of any gift set from Sally Hansen in the future. I have actually read other blogs who had different problems with Sally Hansen holiday gift sets. But I honestly thought with the exact products listed and pictured that I would be safe receiving the goods promised. They have not fulfilled their end of the deal to sell me what they advertized. I feel like Sally Hansen pulled a fast one on me and cheated me. You sold me a box of lies! I took photos to document this ASAP.  I'm surprised a large company would let this type of mistake go on. I have contacted COTY and will update this blog to let you know if and/or what they response. Stay tuned on that note.

I realize this may come off as a bit of a rant but I'm really disappointed and wish I didn't pick up 2 boxes of lies.

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